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An ardent diver is a real kit monster.

We love our gear and consider a kit fondling session, time well spent. (Cleaning it, maintaining it, configuring it). What we are far less excited about is auditing it. When did we buy it? Who from? How much? What is the serial number?

Now a new totally free ‘society contribution’ cloud based app has the potential to change all that. Apparently GearLog is a powerful, flexible, easy to use system that individuals, clubs, instructors and dive companies can use to manage their equipment.

GearLog states you will be able to inventory your equipment, set up inspection and service schedules, and store the results of those checks. Users will be also able to produce audit reports (for compliance checks) and share the equipment log with other staff and club members.

GearLog has worked with a number of divers and dive organisations across the US, UK and Australia to understand your needs and get GearLog just right for you.

Evolving Interface

Apparently users of GearLog are engaged and come up with suggestions for enhancements and new ideas, hence this system is always evolving and improving.

We love to hear from our users and get a real buzz from our ability to rapidly respond to your ideas. It is through community involvement that we have built, and continue to build, a world class product.

You can access GearLog from any modern device (laptop, phone, tablet) anywhere in the world with internet access. Users’ data is stored within a UK data center that meets the highest requirements for data protection and security and is continuously backed up.

I am mind blown at how good this is! Our cave rescue team is now using it to log all of their rescue equipment with electronic audit trails and reminders. Joe Cartwright, Devon Cave Rescue Organisation

Features and Benefits

  • Store all your gear including photos and manuals
  • Get alerts when it's time to inspect your gear
  • Keep your data in the cloud and access it on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Keep an audit trail of all your inspections
  • Generate QR code labels for your gear
  • Build gear lists for expeditions and trips
  • Record how and when you gear is used
  • Manage equipment loans
  • Record the financial investment made in your gear
  • Securely share access with club, team and staff

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