Poseidon Reef App Launch

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Poseidon Reef App Launch

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Featuring a state-of-the-art dive log, planner and device configuration, Reef provides a complete dive tool for every diver no matter experience, level or dive style. It is designed to maximize your passion of diving by extending the experience before and after the dive.


Plan your next diving adventure in the simple to use, easy to navigate interactive planner. Diving an open circuit or rebreather? Doesn't matter. The app has different dive modes and deco models available to match your setup and preferences regardless of level.

Choose between single dives or a series of dives and let the app calculate needed technical stops. Easily tune the gradient factors to see the difference in dive time and get a summary of the result as well as a detailed list of run time and gas switches if applicable.


Safe diving made easier. Get the most out of Reef by connecting your Poseidon dive computer and bringing your plan to the water. Interact and analyse your dives using the chart functionality. Toggle the data you want to visualize and zoom in on portions of the dive you are interested in.

Our M28 diving computer can be used as a stand-alone computer, a backup or together with our Solid-state O2 sensor connected to any other rebreather on the market.


Become a better diver with the advanced dive log that helps you analyse your recent experiences underwater in detailed data and user-friendly designed graphics. Visualize data such as depth, water temperature, tank pressure, loop temperature, po2, alarms and more.

Personalize your log with pictures, notes and get your hands on every detail available from standard dive stats to environmental information and device statuses.

Compare data with your instructor, buddy, team or easily share your experiences with your family and social community whether it is online or in real life.