X-Ray Mag #74

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Simon Pridmore   Barb Roy

This issue's column is taken from a chapter in my new book Scuba Fundamental—Start Diving the Right Way, which aims to help people prepare for scuba diving, understand how the process works and make the right choices once they start.

Photo by Rico Besserdich

There are plenty of books, magazine articles and blogposts about underwater photography, each providing the keen underwater photographer with valuable knowledge, leaving almost no question unanswered. However, there might be one remaining question: How many of these tips, tricks and techniques can we remember when diving with our cameras?

Don Silcock   Don Silcock

— On Foot in Raja Ampat

Marco Daturi   Marco Daturi

Moregallo is one of the most beautiful and well-known sites on Lake Como, located in the Italian province of Lecco, within walking distance of the community of Valmadrera. Surrounded by the majestic Italian Alps, this mountainous region is often used by athletes to boost their abilities at high altitude, and tourists come here to enjoy hiking, biking and of course, scuba diving, as well as the great cuisine of the fine restaurants that can be found here.

Brandi Mueller   Brandi Mueller
Purple giant frogfish tries to blend in with some purple sponges, Mabul Island, Malaysia. Photo by Brandi Mueller

— Eco-Diving in Sabah, the Right Way

Elisabeth Lauwerys   Elisabeth Lauwerys
Malibe colemani nudibranch, Pom Pom Island. Photo by Elisabeth Lauwerys

Blessed with some of the richest waters in the world, Borneo’s Pom Pom Island offers some truly memorable macro diving. If you want prolonged, up-close encounters with some crazy macro critters and the chance to photograph the tiniest nudibranchs in the world, Pulau Pom Pom, in remote Sabah, is the place to go!

Nick Shallcross   Nick Shallcross

Located just a 20-minute speedboat ride from the coastal town of Mersing in Malaysia, Pulau Rawa offers a great alternative for those looking for a mixture of diving, beach time, relaxation and who just want to get away from it all.

Arnold Weisz   Franz Hajek , Armando Piccinini , Arnold Weisz

Curiously enough, I recently had one of my best snorkeling experiences far away from the ocean. River snorkeling in Austria was a really fun experience, even for a seasoned diver.

Edited by Gunild Symes   Shayne Greco

American artist and sculptor, Shayne Greco, creates mesmerizing sculptures of marine life forms adorning functional stone pottery built totally by hand from start to finish. X-RAY MAG interviewed the artist based in North Carolina to find out more about his creative process and inspiration from the sea.

Vic Verlinden   Vic Verlinden

— Diving Hitler’s Aircraft Carrier

Brandi Mueller   Brandi Mueller

It was seven in the morning and my coffee hadn’t kicked in yet. The dive guide was giving me a slightly more thorough dive briefing than normal. I wasn’t supposed to wear anything colorful or shiny, and black gloves and a hood were required. Also covered in black neoprene, he was putting on chainmail gloves and told me he’d have a pole with him. He said it was more for the potato cods though, not the sharks.

Matt Jevon   Barb Roy

In this essay, sports psychologist and technical diver Matt Jevon draws some parallels between the sport of technical diving and the sport of motorcycle racing, including attitudes and behaviors in regards to the inherent dangers and risks, sharing insights into our own nature as divers and adventurists.

Svetlana Murashkina   Eugene Tomashov , U-Boat Malta Ltd
ROV Ageotec Perseo GTV explores the HMS Russell. Photo by Eugene Tomashov.

U-Boat Navigator explores the Tragic Triangle of Valletta: HMS Russell, HMY Aegusa and HMS Nastortium


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