'International Techmeeting 2015' To Provide Live Streaming

'International Techmeeting 2015' To Provide Live Streaming

Wed, 04/02/2015 - 14:56
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Peter Kubicka has announced the Bratislava event will utilise Livestream.

Peter Kubicka (organiser of International Techmeeting and inventor of the Kubi Dryglove system) stated, "it is extremely useful to be able to review talks a number of times.

We are therefore making some of the technical diving talks in Hall F2 available via Livestream this weekend. In addition, there will be live streaming from the opening of the Hall of Fame and TM2015's prize giving ceremony."

The price for online access is € 49. You will be able to view live, and then offline for 30 days, where you can view each talk up to five times. Simply click the link to purchase your online access ticket;

In case of technical problems, please call: +421 903 568 929

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