Review: Is This the Best Option for Academic Writing?

 Hello, I’m Nicole Hardy, and today I’ll present a thorough analysis of paper writing services, a well-known platform for students seeking relief from the tedious task of academic writing.

Come along with me on this evaluative journey as I examine what it’s like to order from Having already procured a paper from their writers, I’m armed and ready to present this review. Continue reading to learn more!

What Services Can Students Expect from offers an expansive list of academic writing services, encompassing the following commonly needed items:

  • Academic essays
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Admissions essays
  • Business proposals
  • Various types of reviews (articles, books, films)
  • Annotated bibliographies
  • Academic coursework
  • Research projects
  • Capstone assignments
  • Various forms of creative and reflective writings
  • Formal academic reports
  • End-of-term papers
  • etc.

In addition to these services, the platform also extends help for other types of academic queries and challenges, such as answering multiple-choice and short-answer questions, as well as programming assignments. Rewriting, editing, and proofreading services round out their offerings. They also provide specialized calculation services.

With, you have the advantage of managing all your assignments from a single dashboard, which also allows you to track the status of each individual task. Now, let’s delve into the specifics of the ordering procedure.

How to Order an Essay on


Starting an order on is a hassle-free experience. To conduct this review, I requested a term paper in the field of economics. The user-friendly form guided me through entering my specific requirements.

The platform is designed to be very user-intuitive. It allows you to specify every element of your assignment, from the number of references needed to the text formatting, citation style, and academic level. The well-organized layout ensures you don’t overlook any critical components.

A unique feature of is the option to choose your own writer at no extra cost. Soon after posting my order, I received several bids and had little difficulty in choosing a writer with a high 4.9 rating and numerous completed tasks. We engaged in a brief conversation about my specific needs and expectations for the paper, agreeing on the format, citation style, and other details.

Before work could commence, a deposit was required. The process was secure, as the amount was simply added to my balance, not requiring any upfront payment to the writer. I was only obliged to complete the payment once the final piece was submitted and met my approval.

What Do Students Think? An Exploration of Reviews


As my term paper was in progress, I decided to sift through the general sentiment regarding Various review platforms give it impressive scores: Sitejabber and rank it at 4.8, while NoCramming offers a 4.9 rating.

Positives students highlighted include:

✅ Quick turnarounds

✅ Competent writing staff

✅ A valuable blog for writing improvement

✅ Appealing discount schemes

✅ 24/7 customer assistance

On the flip side, there were some noted drawbacks:

✖️ Sporadic tech issues that demanded customer support’s attention

✖️ The occasional need for assignment revisions

How Does the Pricing Stack Up?

The pricing at starts at $11.4 per page, a rate that can vary depending on academic level. Here’s a rundown of the costs for various assignment types:

💸 Regular essay — $11.4 per page

💸 College admission essay — $14.25 per page

💸 Online forum post — $11.4 per page

💸 Academic term paper — $12.35 per page

💸 Documented report — $11.4 per page

The stated prices include several add-ons like an originality scan, outline creation, and general formatting. Unlimited revisions are also part of the deal.

To ease the financial burden, features multiple discount options. For instance, a 15% first-order discount is available, which I took advantage of. Also, any multi-page order automatically qualifies for a volume discount of up to 40%.

Is Your Info Secure with appears to place a high priority on client confidentiality and safety, employing robust security measures throughout your interaction with the platform.

So, what does this mean for students? Your anonymity is guaranteed. You are not required to share any personal or educational background information. neither gathers nor retains sensitive client details. All transaction specifics are confidential and securely kept between you and the service, with zero third-party access.

If you have more nuanced questions or security concerns, you can consult their Privacy Policy or reach out to their support team.

Turnaround Time Explored

Every student places a premium on the speedy fulfillment of their academic responsibilities, and appears to have engineered its services precisely to meet this widespread demand. Offering an incredibly short minimum time constraint of just three hours, the platform is well-suited for handling less complicated assignments such as short essays, online discussion contributions, or brief summaries. Indeed, these simpler tasks can realistically be accomplished and submitted on the exact day you place your order, making it a go-to solution for last-minute academic needs.

However, it’s crucial to exercise discretion when selecting such expedited timelines. I would advise reserving these ultra-fast turnaround options solely for situations that are genuinely time-sensitive and unavoidable. For assignments that are more intricate in nature, encompassing multiple pages, and requiring a broad array of source material, extending the deadline would not only be prudent but likely enhance the quality of the final product. Allowing a more generous time frame provides the writer with the necessary latitude to delve deeper into the topic, conduct thorough research, and craft an assignment that is both comprehensive and intellectually satisfying.

Assessing Quality: My Take

The spotlight now turns to the pinnacle aspect of this review — the caliber of writing. My term paper was handed over right on schedule, and here’s how I rate it:

Content: 5/5

The work provided an in-depth exploration of the sharing economy and its ripple effects on traditional businesses, incorporating unique observations and dissecting real-world cases.

Thesis Statement: 5/5

The introductory segment featured a precise and understandable thesis, offering a lucid roadmap for the paper.

Structure: 4/5

Generally, the paper was well-organized, although a few inconsistent transitions caused minor disruptions.

Evidence Base: 5/5

The writer employed reputable academic sources that were germane to the topic and expertly woven into the analysis.

Mechanics: 4/5

Apart from some trivial issues, the term paper was grammatically sound and academically styled.

Conclusion: 5/5

The final section effectively summed up the paper while suggesting areas for potential further study.

Formatting and Citation: 5/5

The visual coherence of the paper was impressive, with the APA 7th edition citation style accurately applied. All sources were properly referenced, and other formatting elements were aligned with academic guidelines.

The term paper by garnered an overall rating of 4.7. Despite minor slips, the assignment was worthy of an ‘A.’

Final Impressions has successfully positioned itself as a reliable and adept academic ally. The platform is committed to facilitating a seamless experience for its clients while delivering high-quality content. Whether you’re seeking help with basic essays or more elaborate term papers, has got you covered.

Navigating the platform is straightforward, making it user-friendly. Given its wide spectrum of services, cost-effectiveness, and commitment to privacy, it comes highly recommended.

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Nicole Hardy is an accomplished author with a profound affinity for the written word and a specialized focus on the behavioral aspects of students. Utilizing her robust academic writing background, Nicole is on a quest to identify those writing services that truly align with student needs and life experiences.