A guy’s lost iPhone found after two days by a scuba diver

Most of the people usually don’t feel the need to install phone tracking apps on their phones. Some phones come with built-in apps installed, and some need to get good apps that can genuinely find the phone if a person loses it accidentally. Parents mostly install such apps on their children’s mobile phone to track a cellphone without them knowing. And this concern can help in finding a lost phone too.

This was what happened when a cellphone was found by a scuba diver who saw it light up when the handset got a text.

Cerys Hearsey was diving off the shoreline of Dorset in the UK on Saturday when her attention was attracted to the lit-up Apple handset. She lifted it and returned the gadget to shore. Incredibly, it was still in flawless working request and had 84 percent of its battery life left.

"My cousin can't believe it. He was upset at first and thought that he would need to pay another $900 for a new phone," Rob Smith told The Mirror.

The iPhone line-ups get classed as water-safe instead of waterproof. Its IP67 rating implies it can be submerged at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. However, it's not something Apple suggests, and the phone isn't covered under guarantee for any water harm.

What can you do if you drop your mobile phone accidentally in the water?

1. Remove it from the water right away

We know, it sounds self-evident. However, you may imagine that it's as of now past the point of no return and not in any case worth hurrying to get it. In any case, each subsequent issues, and in case you're fortunate, despite everything you'll have taken shots at sparing your phone.

2. Turn it off

As a general rule, your phone will consequently turn itself off when it falls into some water, however, If it doesn't, don't delay for a second to turn it off or expel the battery to close it down right away. It will shield it from short-circuiting.

3. Take out the battery (if conceivable)

If you have a mobile phone that doesn't give you a chance to extract the battery, for example, an iPhone, disregard this. If it's conceivable to get the battery out of the phone, do it decisively. It will keep the phone from being singed. If you expel it, you'll cut the power supply and avoid further harm.

4. Take out the phone’s SIM and memory cards and every other detachable component

Expel all detachable components in the telephone. Pat your phone dry with a microfiber fabric or a towel (it's prescribed not to utilize paper because the particles can get stuck in the holes of the phone).

5. Put it in a vacuum sack

Along these lines, you can extricate any water stuck in the openings and the regions that are hard to reach. Put the phone in a plastic sack and suck out the air, making a vacuum. It will drain the fluid out of the interior of the phone.