How to write an essay about your first diving trip

If you were assigned to write a personal essay at college or just want to share your experiences about your first diving trip on your blog, here you will find all the steps and tips to create an outstanding writing piece!

Refresh your experience

Our memory may be cruel sometimes, and you may need additional time to refresh your memories before writing. Look through the photos and videos you have taken during the diving trip to recall the scenery and adventures that have happened vividly. If you have taken some notes, it’s the best time to reread them. Have no photos or notes?  you can contact friends and other trip participants to share your experiences and find more ideas for your essay.

Read several samples

If you have never written such essays before, exploring samples about diving and personal experience essays written by others will be a good idea. Highlight the moments you have enjoyed reading and capture these ideas in your notes for consideration while writing your essay. Also, you can ask a professional writer from to write an essay about diving for you and get a clear understanding of how it should look.

Make a plan

While you can leave the writing on the muse or a flow of thoughts, it will be more effective to think about what to include in your writing beforehand. If you have a word limit or specific requirements for the essay, you need to consider it during your planning stage.

Here are several approaches that you can combine in your essay:

  • Tell about the preparation process and details of the diving trip.
  • Focus on your emotions from the trip.
  • Chronically describe your first dive in detail from start to finish.
  • Share your experience of first breathing underwater, pressure, and other sensory information.
  • Reflect on your experience during a diving trip as personal growth.
  • Share the most memorable moments like overcoming fears or the happiness of discovery.
  • Tell about how you have overcome challenges if you faced any.
  • Provide vivid, detailed descriptions of nature, underwater environment, and marine life.
  • Share your exploration of connection to nature.
  • Add dialogues, anecdotes, and other sensory details to make your experience more engaging.

Write catchy introduction

Whether you are writing an essay for a professor or a broader audience, don’t miss a chance to interest the reader (whoever they will be). While essays about diving trips are personal and informal essays, you can choose nearly any kind of hooks available for writers. You can choose a quote about adventures from your favorite movie (e.g., you can use a claim from The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, “I don’t want any adventures, thank you. Not today!”) or write a vivid description of the first morning of your diving trip.

Don’t forget to tell why you have decided to go on such a trip and provide any background information about the place and vividly describe the scene so the reader will easily imagine the picture.

Write conclusion and edit the draft

Sum up your experiences in several sentences and conclude with a closing thought or encourage the reader to try diving. Don't forget to revise the text after you complete it to make sure each sentence sounds well and that you have fixed all mistakes you accidentally made during writing.

Summing up

Use different approaches and add exciting details in the essay so the reader can relate to your story and feel themselves as a part of your adventure. Add emotional and descriptive language to make it even more memorable. Happy writing!