The good folks from Waterproof cheer a productive dive show.

Scandinavian Dive Show 2024 report

It was a relief to see the crowds entering the Scandinavian Dive Show on the morning of Saturday, 10 February. Tommy Jarnbrink, the founder and principal organiser, alongside the X-Ray Mag team, worked tirelessly to organise and promote the expo to both local and international networks, aiming to attract new attendees. Following the 2023 edition, it became apparent that a new format was essential for the show's future.

Contact organiser Tommy Jarnbrink for further information about next year's Scandinavian Dive Show.

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Try dives were offered in the pool which was set up at the junction between the boat show halls a

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Scandinavian Dive Show to be held alongside Boat Show in Gothenburg

Images below are from different previous expos

Since its inception in 2014, the Scandinavian Dive Show (DykMässan) has been held as a standalone event. Come 2024, it will start a new chapter.

In its tenth year, DykMässan will return to Gothenburg, where diving in Sweden first took root. And with DykMässan teaming up with Båtmässan, visitors can now visit both shows with just one ticket.

Two more dive shows postponed

On Friday 29 Jan and only a few hours apart, we received similar updates from the organisers of the New Jersey-based Beneath the Seas dive show and the Swedish Dive Show, Dykmässen, which in recent years have been taken place in Gothenburg in the Swedish West coast. Both announced that they will be postponing their respective events until next year due to the restrictions being imposed because of the pandemic.

Beneath the Seas writes:

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