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Sportsdykkeren, produced by AquaScope Media—the same team behind X-Ray International Dive Magazine—is the membership publication for the Danish Sportsdiver Federation.

With a distribution nearing 10,000, the quarterly magazine reaches the Federation's 8,000 members and offers free subscriptions to other diving enthusiasts. The dedicated Danish website,, further extends its reach.

The magazine and its articles are freely available online, ensuring that your services are advertised not just to today's diving community, but also to the divers of tomorrow.

It is free to download.  Visit

Rates are quarterly and comprise one insertion into the magazine bundled with 90 days of banner advertising on

Magazine ad specs:
File format: Pdf (print-ready)
Resolution: 300 dpi.
Crop marks not required.
Please state the red number when booking ads.

Discounts:  15% on annual contracts. 20% for X-Ray Magazine advertisers (applies to same-size ads/packages). Combined: 25%


X-Ray Magazine advertisers get a 20-25% discount on advertising in Sportsdykkeren

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