To Boldly Go Where....

The Star Trek Legacy goes underwater

Why Roddenberry Dive Team?

Rod:I’ve loved it for many years. The beauty, the mystery, the adventure is what attracted me to the underwater realm. It really had nothing to do with Star Trek. I was certified during my first year of college in 1993... I didn’t even think to connect the two worlds until many years later.

In the same way that Star Trek portrays a future where humanity has embraced diversity and reached into space in search of new ideas and life forms, the Roddenberry Dive Team (RDT) is a real world effort to share and preserve the wonder and diversity of our oceans and environment. Through scuba trips, special events and thought-provoking seminars, the dive team will inspire the change that will lead to a future where our species work together for the betterment of all life.

What do you mean?

Rod: Every diver I have met is considerably aware of the ocean and the state it is in. When I was young, I knew what my father (Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek) did for a living, but I wasn’t into it myself. I guess I was a rebellious teenager and didn’t see things eye-to-eye with him. When he passed on, I started to look into the bigger picture and the idea behind the series, and I became very proud of him and how he reached out and inspired so many to go beyond their perceived barriers and achieve a better understanding of human values.

When I hear people talk about how Star Trek inspired them to achieve greatness, it makes me proud of what my father did. It is those principles that my father stood behind that I want to implement in the Roddenberry Dive Team. When I first met Greg, he told me we could do something more than just a “dive club”, and I believed him... and we have spent the past year of planning just that.

Greg: I have been a scuba diver for 33 years, and I grew up in Kansas about as far from water as you can get. I’d see scuba divers on TV or read about them, and it was really an exciting adventure for me. I was also as Star Trek fan, so ...


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