Emperor Divers Recognises the First Covid Diver Hero

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Emperor Divers Recognises the First Covid Diver Hero

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Earlier in February Emperor Divers launched the Covid Diver Heroes initiative, where we aim to recognise 8 people who have stepped up in the pandemic with free liveaboard trips in the Maldives and the Red Sea. We are honoured to share with you the story of our first hero, nominated by Dave Walker:

I’d like to nominate, Deborah Braham, a friend I made on a diving trip to Tobago.

Deborah is an NHS anaesthetist and early on when PPE was in short supply, she just went on WhatsApp and organised visors and more directly for her hospital. Deborah just made it happen.

Deborah married another diver not long after we met. With her in the UK and us in Switzerland, we haven’t managed to meet up since she had children. Whatever, in Yorkshire speak, she’s a “lovely lass” who definitely deserves a good holiday. 

The BBC covered the story of The Visor Army she created:

A doctor who urged volunteers to make visors for NHS staff due to a shortage at her hospital says she is "overwhelmed" by the response.

Without (visors), doctors and nurses are at high risk of being contaminated by aerosolisedparticles containing the virus during procedures such as intubation or when they are caring for patients on ventilators. 

"Initially it was just people I knew who came on board, then it was people I didn't know," DrBraham said. "Within a short time this whole thing had grown so big with so many people wanting to help.”

More than 75,000 face shields have been produced just weeks after Deborah Braham appealed for help on WhatsApp.

We at Emperor are in awe of the quality of the stories received so far, which number over 50! Dr. Braham was judged to be the deserving winner of a Red Sea liveaboard trip and we have been in contact with her to arrange that. 

We still have 3 Red Sea and 4 Maldives liveaboards to award to other heroes already nominated or yet to be nominated. Anyone who would like to nominate a Covid Diver Hero should visit here for the information: https://www.emperordivers.com/blog/2021/02/thank-your-covid-hero.html (terms & conditions apply) 

Nominations, questions and enquiries to heroes@emperordivers.com

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