Emperor Divers’ Recognizes the Second Covid Diver Hero

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Emperor Divers’ Recognizes the Second Covid Diver Hero

Mon, 15/03/2021 - 21:46
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In February Emperor Divers launched the Covid Diver Heroes initiative, where we aim to recognise 8 people who have stepped up in the pandemic with free liveaboard trips in the Maldives and the Red Sea.

We are honoured to share with you the story of our second hero Noam Har-Tzvi, who wins a free Maldives liveaboard trip. Noam was nominated by her brother Adi for the following reasons:

“During the Corona in Israel, Noam founded a voluntary initiative called "Staying Together" - Connecting corona patients and their families. She couldn't stand the thought of elderly people dying alone in hospitals isolated from their families, so she decided to take action.

Together with an amazing team of volunteers she raised donations of tablets and laptops, programmed them so they can be used by remote control when the patients are in a bad shape and the medical staff is too busy, organized a group of volunteers that operated the devices from long distance and allowed (and still) thousands of video calls between the families and the corona patients to happen.

They connected children, parents and grandparents, wives and husbands, new mothers and their babies and more. The video calls immediately improved the spirit for all, allowing the patients to get love and support from their dearest and get better. Sadly, some of those calls were the last time they talked and gave them the chance to say goodbye.

The initiative helped in 8 hospitals and Geriatric institutions in Israel and the devices are still used in Corona and ICU units by the medical staff”

We are still receiving amazing stories of heroes from all over the globe and are amazed by the great things some members of the diving community have achieved. Noam was judged to be the deserving winner of a Maldives liveaboard trip and we have been in contact with her already, and she is thrilled and humbled to receive that. 

We still have 3 Red Sea and 3 further Maldives liveaboards to award to other heroes already nominated or yet to be nominated. Anyone who would like to nominate a Covid Diver Hero should visit here for the information: https://www.emperordivers.com/blog/2021/02/thank-your-covid-hero.html (terms & conditions apply) 

Nominations, questions and enquiries to heroes@emperordivers.com


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