Exhibitors pleasantly surprised by DEMA Show 2021

Exhibitors pleasantly surprised by DEMA Show 2021

Fri, 26/11/2021 - 22:25
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The DEMA Show 2021, held on November 16-19 in Las Vegas, USA, returned after skipping a year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While it was significantly smaller than previous years, exhibitors gave positive feedback on the show and interactions with enthusiastic visitors, dealers and serious buyers—some even said it was their best show in years.

DEMA Show 2021 sign

“The show overall was good. Smaller and slower than normal, but it seemed those who came were serious about doing business. It was nice to see familiar faces too.”

— Brandi Mueller, Regular Contributor (

Scuba Radio entertains the crowd at the DEMA Show 2021. Photo by Matthew Meier


"This year's DEMA Show was full of engaging conversations and quality interactions with fellow colleagues and friends. I still managed to miss some important people that I would love to connect with, and certainly look forward to the show next year in Orlando."

Jennifer Idol, Regular Contributor (

Jennifer Idol gives a talk at DEMA 2021

Jennifer Idol gives a talk about building a brand through imagery and the new Avelo System ( at the DEMA Show 2021. Photo by Matthew Meier


In their own words... here is what exhibitors had to say, as documented by associate editor Matthew Meier.

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Video by Matthew Meier, edited by G. Symes


“DEMA 2021 has been fantastic. It's probably one of the best DEMAs that we've had in a long time. Of course, coming off the pandemic with everybody eager to travel, it's been extra good because of that. But the seriousness of the dealers, the new dealers that have come into the market, our existing dealers that have hung in there and decided to come to the show, really made our show. We had an excellent show. And it was as good or better than the 2019 show for us. Hope to see you all next year.”

Sven Harms, SeaLife Cameras (

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Video by Matthew Meier, edited by G. Symes

“Hi, Paul here from Buddy Dive. Actually, we were not thinking a lot of DEMA this year, but actually, it turned out pretty good. It was way better than last year, but that's for obvious reasons. Next year, we hope to see you all, including you manufacturers, so we can get our industry back up.”

Paul Coolen, Buddy Dive Resort Bonaire (

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Video by Matthew Meier, edited by G. Symes

“We’ve been pretty pleased with the DEMA Show. It's been pleasantly busy. We were expecting it to be much quieter. We've done some very good business, very serious buyers here. It has been a pretty good DEMA—actually, very good.”

Mik Jennings, Master Liveaboards (

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Video by Matthew Meier, edited by G. Symes

“Well, since two years now the DEMA Show, and we were really happy to be here again. Much better show than we ever expected. Lots of people and good buyers, good people. Before we went, it was like ‘How busy would it be?’ Well, a really big compliment to the organization, and the results are really good. Focusing forwards on 2022, 2023, 2024. Hold on. So, we say the world is moving again. Thank you.”

Arie Hoogendoorn, Magic Resorts (

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Video by Matthew Meier, edited by G. Symes

“Well, this year at DEMA, we think it was a success. Many people have been stopping by the booth. People are excited to get back out and start traveling again. And we've seen a lot of old friends that we have been missing over the last year and a half of isolation. So, we're happy to be back and excited to continue doing what we do best—and that's providing diving in amazing destinations.”

Earle Ellis, Solitude Liveaboards & Resorts (

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Video by Matthew Meier, edited by G. Symes

“The 2021 DEMA Show for us was excellent. We came here not expecting a huge crowd. But the crowd that was there was fine. And we feel the show was better than the 2019. And for those who missed it, you made a big mistake. DEMA 2021 was excellent. A lot of people looking and interested in travel. And we are going to be super busy next year because of it.”

Tim Webb, Caradonna Dive Adventures (

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Video by Matthew Meier, edited by G. Symes

“So, we had no idea what to expect, right? We kept hearing, it shrank and shrank, and less booths and less booths. And then we come here, and we find that the players are here, that the ones who survived this big time are here, and it was making a statement about we are here as a travel industry, as a dive resort, as a liveaboard company. We're here and we're meeting our clients. And the people that came out here, came out here with an intention to support the winners who made it through this crazy pandemic! And so, in that sense, we are beyond excited to be here, and it has completely exceeded our expectations. Looking forward to the next one.”

Roni Ben-Aharon, Atlantis Dive Resorts & Liveaboards Philippines (

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Video by Matthew Meier, edited by G. Symes

“Busy, busy, busy! The people coming to the booth were interested, were engaging. This was a better DEMA than we’ve had in three or four years.”

Linda Young, Prescription Dive Masks (

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