Modello Quattro

Modello Quattro

Thu, 01/12/2022 - 13:26
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Is this elegant watch actually a diver's watch or what? Its depth rating is listed as 300m and since the requirement for a diver's watch is 200m / 20Atm, according to this general guideline the answer must be yes.

On the other hand, there is no rotating crown, as we have come to expect from a classic diver's watch. But since virtually everyone these days dives with a computer, this probably no longer has any major significance - not as much as looking cool at the apres-diving.

With its 40mm diameter and 12.4mm thickness, the watch is a relatively compact and probably light affair. The watch is also self-winding with a reserve that lasts 38 hours.

The watch is shown here with a so-called NATO strap, which i.a. goes around both hinges and thus secures the watch better. 

Simply put, a NATO is a pass-through strap made from one piece of material. It passes over the spring bars and under the case, unlike 2-piece straps that are hinged on spring bars between the lugs.

Standard NATOs have a fixed metal buckle, 2 ring keepers, and a secondary strap. One keeper is used to hold the tail in place after fastening. The other is attached to the secondary strap and is used to loop through the primary strap after passing it over the bars and under the case.

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