Oceaner Splash Bag

Oceaner Splash Bag

Thu, 05/11/2020 - 11:57
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Dry bags. We all need and use these invaluable bags to keep our personal possessions dry during a dive, or to stash wet kit post-dive.

The vast majority of dry bags are made from a lightweight flexible material such as nylon. This tends to be quite a rugged material, and it is very effective at keeping gear dry.

However, it does not provide any cushioning what so ever. Therefore when I have an item I need to keep dry and physically protect against knocks or impact shock, I tend to roll the item up in my thermals.

The Oceaner Splash Bag looks as though it might offer the best of both worlds. A dry bag that has light impact resistance.

This Canadian tubular bag is manufactured from durable 'Nylon II' neoprene. This does not mean that the bag will provide waterproof protection to its contents if you take it diving.

OceanerHowever, Oceaner has suggested that because neoprene does provide some insulating qualities, the bag can be filled with ice and used as a cool bag.

The Oceaner Splash Bag is fastened in the traditional manner, ie the roll-top opening is secured with a durable plastic buckle.

Key Features

  • Roll-top with buckle and D Ring
  • Glued and blind stitched seams
  • Durable 'Nylon II' 2mm - 3mm Neoprene
  • Light insulation and light impact resistance
  • Available in four colours: Black, Silver, Burgandy, Green Camo
  • Made in Canada

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