Readership Composition

Readership Composition

Wed, 21/12/2011 - 17:09

<em>Who reads X-Ray Magazine?</em>

Our readership is characterized – by dive industry standards – a large fraction of female readers and a relatively high representation of the 18- to 35-year-olds.

The audience is relatively affluent and well educated.

Who are our readers? This diver exiting the water in British Columbia could be one of them


62% attended college

Average household income

$81,500. 37% earns more than $100,000

Median age

33 years Europe 35 years US/Canada 26 years Asia

Marital status

56% are married

Household size

1 persons 24% 2 persons 37% 3 persons 13% 4 persons 18%

Spending and travel

2.9 dive trips/yr Europe 4.6 dive trips/yr US/Can. 2.3 dive trips/yr Asia

Average expenditure on dive equipment

€ 2,100 Europe $ 3,600 US € 2,600 Asia



96 dives is the average experience 45% do min 50 dives pr year 22% do min 100 dives pr year


66% dive with a single tank 23% dive with twin sets 10% own a rebreather

Underwater Photography

39% would like to take a course in underwater photograpny 65% own an underwater camera


21% wants a Nitrox course 57% has a Nitrox course or better


Number of trips

( - international travel - ) 11% I never go to other countries 13% The diving is the only thing that matters. 51% Diving is most important, but I appreciate the nice landscape and culture. 19% Diving matters a lot, but more so the culture/country/nature.   7% I need to see/do something else than diving.

Companionship on trips

( multiple answers possible ) 13% It varies / prefer not to say 23% I travel by myself 16% I travel with my regular buddy 21% I travel with my diving domestic partner   7% I travel with my non-diving domestic partner 10% I travel with the family 11% I travel with the friends or colleagues


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