Shearwater Research Teric (limited edition)

Shearwater Research Teric (limited edition)

Sat, 25/01/2020 - 11:06
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Did you know that in China the colour red is thought to give protection, and bring good luck and good fortune to all?

With the start of a new decade and the Chinese New Year, perhaps that is why Shearwater Research has chosen to issue a limited edition version of their popular 'Teric' watch style computer in this significant colour combination.

Just 2,000

This is the first time that the award-winning Canadian company has released a limited-edition, and the matte gold-coloured bezel and a vivid red strap does look quite special. However, you will need to move fast to get your paws on one because just 2,000 have been manufactured. Each Teric is uniquely numbered and comes with a metal gold-coloured certificate of authenticity signed by Shearwater Research founder, Bruce Partridge.

Charger and Case

The Teric was originally launched two years ago. This version comes with an eye-catching red ballistic travel case and it has a wireless charger.

Shearwater dive computers have earned a much deserved reputation for being easy to use because they feature intuitive menus and interfaces.


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