Suunto D4f Apnea Computer

Suunto D4f Apnea Computer

Mon, 06/03/2017 - 14:07
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This is not Suunto's first foray into freediving computers.

The Finnish manufacturer launched their first freediving computer - the D3 - back in March 2003. Fourteen years on, they have unveiled their second freediving computer.

The D4f. This, like its ancestor, the D3, is specifically designed for apnea divers and water sports enthusiasts. The D4f takes its inspiration from the D4i model, however it it is not a decompression computer, nor does it have an air integration function.

It is an advanced freediving wrist computer, therefore it is more competitively priced than the D4i. This devices provides freedivers with accurate bottom times, dive times, present and maximum depth, surface intervals, alarms when required and a log book.

It also features an apnea timer to improve your breathing technique. Suunto states the D4f is "a light yet robust composite / stainless steel freedive computer...that when diving displays your present and maximum depth and calculates dive time...allowing you to fully concentrate on exploring the underwater world."

You can also use it to tell the time or as a bottom timer when scuba diving. It comes with a comfortable elastomer strap, and the diver has the option of buying a USB cable to upload their dives to DM5 and Suunto Movescount.

Key Features

For more information visit: suunto/Suunto-D4f

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