Suunto EON Core Dive Computer

Suunto EON Core Dive Computer

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It would seem that the Suunto Minions have had a busy summer. This year they have created (and racked up several hundred hours of test diving) on a new computer called the 'EON Core'.

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The EON Core joins the EON Steel. (Suunto's first fully customisable dive computer launched in 2015, with a depth rating of 150 mt / 492 ft and a 20 - 40 hour battery life). The Suunto EON Core has been designed to be an entry level computer that grows with the diver throughout their diving career. From a shallow, open water, bubble blowing diver, up to and including CCR trimix diving to 80 mt / 262 feet.

This idea is not new. There are already a number of dive computers that will support a diver as their experience levels change. So what makes the Suunto EON Core unique?

Bespoke Display

The EON Core is ready out-of-the-box and automatically set up as an air / nitrox computer. This is because new divers can get overwhelmed with the information delivered to them on a computer screen. Suunto has therefore designed the Core so that the diver can choose from three views: the 'Graphic', the 'Classic' and the 'Prominent'.

The diver then logs into Suunto's Dive Manager programme (DM5) on their lap or desktop computer to modify the model, ie add-in Trimix, and change the information they want to be displayed on the screen using Suunto's CustomDisplay™. The diver also has the ability to 'flip' the display so that they can choose the location of the three buttons (either left-hand end or right-hand end).

This choice means that the diver can wear the EON Core on either wrist and operate the buttons with the fingers that automatically feel natural. And, because the buttons are so chunky, the diver can easily operate them, even when wearing gloves.

Suunto states that their "new prominent display shows important dive information in large legible numbers and bright, high contrast colours, that are easy to read and understand at a glance." The large TFT (Thin Film Transfer) screen is approximately the size of a credit card, and stays illuminated throughout the dive.

Future Proof

When it comes to the battery it is good to see that Suunto is being environmentally forward thinking

Why do I say this? Some manufacturers use odd batteries to power their equipment. I have strong memories of hunting for certain batteries in Larnaca, Cyprus and Tutukaka, New Zealand because I had underestimated just how many batteries I needed for the dive trip.

I am so happy that this will never be the case with the EON Core. The diver can charge their battery using an adapted USB lead. (One end is a magnetic attachment, the other end has a USB fitting).

The thinking is that divers want to charge their computer on the move, ie via a computer or a car charger. The second thing I like about this rechargeable lithium-ion battery is that it can be replaced by Suunto after 500 charges. This for me is massive and it means that the EON Core is a long-last dive computer.

The Computer

The EON Core comes in a lightweight, reinforced composite case that is attached to the wrist with an elastomer strap. (Those divers wanting to use a bungee strap have not been overlooked. You can buy a bungee adaptor kit as an optional extra.) The box also contains an adapted USB cable and a scratch guard to help protect the mineral crystal glass.

Download Your Dives

Upon surfacing you can download your dives to Suunto's App - Movescount - over a wireless Bluetooth connection with a mobile device. This App allows you to change your computer settings, keep a diving diary, track your dives, or combine them with photos and share your underwater adventures with your friends. The Movescount App also allows you to plan dives and transfer them back to your dive computer, or update your computer software.

The Suunto EON Core has the potential to be the only dive computer that you ever buy

Rosemary E Lunn

The Diver?

I can see new divers and experienced divers strapping on an EON Core. Why? Because Suunto has put so much effort into future-proofing this computer. When you take the battery, the depth rating, the user updatable software, 17 languages, the ability to change displays, amend the features, wirelessly monitor up to 10 different gases (via 10 Suunto PODs), change out the strap for bungee, and effortless record your dives so that you can share them on social media, this could be the only dive computer that you ever buy.

Key Features

  • Water Resistance: 80 mt / 262 ft
  • Colours: Black, White, Lime Green
  • Reinforced Composite Case
  • Mineral Crystal Glass
  • Elastomer Strap with the potential to swap out to a Bungee Strap
  • Weight: 154 gm / 5.43 oz
  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth to the Movescount App
  • Up to 10 tank pressure readings with Suunto Tank PODs
  • Tilt compensated 3D digital compass
  • Colour TFT display
  • Big clear digits
  • LED backlight, always on
  • Flip display - allows the diver to wear the computer on either wrist
  • User-updatable software
  • Modes: Gauge / Air / Nitrox / Trimix / CCR (fixed point)
  • Suunto Fused™ RGBM decompression model
  • 17 languages
  • Rechargeable lithium-ionbattery (930 mAh): dive for 10 - 20 hours on one charge

For more information visit: suunto-eon-core

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