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The Art of Risk

Richard Harris, a former Australian of the Year and one of the rescuers of the Thai soccer team (now the subject of the Netflix series, Thai Cave Rescue), investigates why people are drawn to dangerous activities and what we may learn from their experience.

Secret Seas

I denne lækre sofabords bog tager den professionelle undervandsfotograf Paul Flandinette og havforsker og undervandsfotograf Michel Claereboudt tager læseren med på en betagende opdagelsesrejse i Omans undervandsverden.

Technically Speaking – Talks on Technical Diving Volume 1: Genesis and Exodus

Technically Speaking, by Simon Pridmore
Technically Speaking, a new book by Simon Pridmore

Technically Speaking is the latest book from best-selling Scuba series author Simon Pridmore. It is a selection of themed talks telling the early history of technical diving—where it came from, how it developed, how it expanded across the world, who the important movers were and how, in the decade from 1989 to 1999, the efforts of a few determined people changed scuba diving forever.

Secret Seas

Professional underwater photographer, Paul Flandinette and marine scientist and underwater photographer Michel Claereboudt take the reader on a breathtaking journey of discovery into Oman's underwater world.