Still photography

Panasonic Lumix GH6

It supports an improved in-body image stabilization (up to 7.5 stops) and upgraded video features. The new sensor delivers 14fps in AF-S mode (8fps in AF-C mode) when using the mechanical shutter, and 75fps (in AF-S mode) with the electronic shutter. The GH6 can record 4K/120p video at 10-bit 4:2:0. Furthermore, full V-Log/V- Gamut has been added, providing up to 13+ stops of dynamic range.

The GH6 features a 3.68M-dot OLED electronic view- finder and is equipped with dual card slots: a CFexpress (Type B) slot and an SD UHS II

My Favorite Spots, Stripes & Stars: Contributors' Picks

Coleman shrimp on variable fire urchin. Photo by Anita George-Ares
Photo by Anita George-Ares: Coleman shrimp on variable fire urchin, Secret Garden dive site, Anilao, Philippines. Gear: Canon EOS Rebel SL1 camera, Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 macro USM lens, Ikelite housing, two Ikelite DS161 strobes. Exposure: ISO 100, f/11, 1/200s

We asked our contributors what their favorite underwater photographs featuring spots, stripes and star patterns were, and they returned with a surprising range of subjects from delicate macro marine life to majestic manta rays.

My Favorite Black & White: Contributors' Picks

Salem Express wreck. Photo by Kate Jonker
Photo by Kate Jonker: Salem Express, Southern Red Sea, Egypt. Gear: Canon EOS 7D Mark II camera, Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens, Sea&Sea housing, two Inon Z240 strobes. Exposure: ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/60s

We asked our contributors what their favorite black-and-white underwater photographs were, and they came back with diverse and dramatic images and stories captured under the waves.

Selective Color in Underwater Photography

Coralscape, by John A. Ares
Photo 1 “After.” Coralscape, by John A. Ares. Selective color has been applied in postproduction. (See Photo 3 for the original image.)

Selective color is a multi-step procedure in postproduction of images, allowing certain colors to be highlighted while removing color in the rest of the image. Underwater photographer John A. Ares gives us a step-by-step look at how one can use this unique effect to transform underwater images into artistic creations.

Maar Lakes of Germany's Volcanic Eifel Region

Maar lake in Volcanic Eifel, Germany. Photo by Claudia Weber-Gebert
Maar lake in Volcanic Eifel, Germany. Photo by Claudia Weber-Gebert

What is the origin of the unique lakes in the Volcanic Eifel region of Germany? In short, they were created from an explosion of water vapour when lava from a hot spot under the region met with groundwater thousands of years ago. The explosion created a round funnel, or crater, with earthen walls, which was later filled with rainwater. That is why the water is really clear and has rather good visibility.

My Favorite Underwater Portraits: Contributors' Picks

Gentle Soul, photo of Australian sea lion by Celia Kujala
Gentle Soul, photo of Australian sea lion by Celia Kujala

We asked our contributors what their favorite underwater portraits were, and they sent us photos and tales of intriguing marine life. From sea lions to hammerhead sharks, manatees to sea turtles, dolphins to pilot whales, lemon sharks to pufferfish, wrasse and seahorses, and even kids, X-Ray Mag contributors share their favorite images showing a range of faces and personalities found under the waves.

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