Fourth Element Xenos Wetsuit

Fourth Element Xenos Wetsuit

Sun, 26/04/2015 - 17:45
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Liveaboard diving should never be endurance diving when it comes to donning your suit.

You want something ridiculously easy to don when you are peeling your 3mm or 5mm suit on and off up to five times in a day. Fourth Element believe they have achieved this nirvana with the launch of their Xenos Wetsuit. This Brit based company has looked outside of the world of diving for inspiration.

They analysed what other sports manufacturer when rapid clothing transition is required. The resulting Xenos, according to Fourth Element, is a very comfy suit that should accommodate both fit and fuller form divers. Part of the secret are the Hydrolock wrist seals.

Although these conical seals look tight, they are in fact very stretchy, and are finished in such a way that they help keep water out. Water entry is also minimised because the seams are double glued and blind stitched. Meanwhile the double smoothskin zip flap also helps reduce water entry through the back zip.

The Xenos wetsuit is available in 3mm, 5mm, 7mm and as a shortie. 

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