Nauticam NA-EM10IV underwater housing

Nauticam NA-EM10IV underwater housing

Tue, 08/12/2020 - 17:01
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The NA-EM10IV is a new underwater housing designed for the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV mirrorless camera. It includes Nauticam’s ergonomic layout of controls, dual fiber-optic ports for optical TTL strobe triggering from the camera’s pop-up flash, and vacuum check and leak detection system installed as standard features.

Tray and handles are available as optional accessories. The housing is compatible with Nauticam’s range of underwater optics, including the WWL-1 and new WWL-C wide-angle attachments, and the CMC series macro wet lenses. Its dimensions are 184 x 138 x 100mm, and it weighs 1.08kg topside and 0.1kg underwater (including the camera and battery). It is depth-rated to 100m and has a Nauticam N85 port mount.


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