Nauticam WWL-1b wide-angle optic

Nauticam WWL-1b wide-angle optic

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The WWL-1B wide-angle converter by Nauticam features the same optics as the WWL-1, but it now includes an integrated aluminum buoyancy collar to make it nearly neutral in the water.

Nauticam WWL1b

The wet-changeable underwater wide-angle conversion optics supports full zoom range, allowing flexibility for various underwater shooting situations. It is compatible with various lenses from Sony, Sigma, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Canon, and FujiFilm. It is recommended for zoom lenses that start at a 28mm focal range (for instance the Sony 28-60mm). When using a 28mm lens, the maximum field of view is 130°.

The wide-angle converter has 4 optical elements with an anti-reflective coating, is made of anodized aluminum, weights 1.35 KG (0.12 Kg underwater), and is depth-rated to 100 meters.