Nauticam Housing for the Nikon Z8

Nauticam Housing for the Nikon Z8

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Nauticam has announced its underwater housing for the Nikon Z8 full-frame mirrorless camera.

The NA-Z8 housing from Nauticam appears to be quite similar to the housings for cameras with a smaller form factor, which compete with the Z8, such as the NA-A7RV for the Sony a7R V and the NA-R5 for the Canon EOS R5. The Z8 is substantially smaller than the Z9, just as the Z8 is smaller than the Z9.

With Nauticam, all crucial controls are always within easy reach of the built-in handles, and you can use the housing with any of the company's wide range of "water contact optics," such as the WACP-1 and WACP-C wide angle conversion lenses and the SMC-1 and SMC-2 close-up lenses. Nikon's FTZ adapter allows you to use both original Z-mount and vintage F-mount lenses. The NA-Z8 housing from Nauticam has an M24 bulkhead for connecting an external monitor or recorder, such as the Atomos Ninja V or Ninja V+, via HDMI 2.0.