Tanya Streeter speaks out against Cayman Turtle Farm

Tanya Streeter speaks out against Cayman Turtle Farm

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Tanya Streeter, world champion freediver and once the holder of the overall no limits freediving record has joined the campaign to end the farming of endangered sea turtles in Cayman islands

Conditions at the Cayman Turtle Farm make it impossible for the turtles to express their natural behaviour and can lead to disease, injury and even cannibalism.

The World Society for the Protection of Animals WSPAhas handed in a petition with 144,000 signatures to the Cayman government

Information obtained by WSPA and a recent report into the conditions at the Cayman Turtle Farm (CTF) has confirmed that animal suffering is a major problem at the facility which is the most popular tourist attraction in the Cayman Islands.

CTF is currently housing around 7,000 endangered sea turtles in cramped, unhealthy and diseased conditions

I feel honoured to be one of the 144,000 supporters who have called on the Cayman Turtle Farm to transition to a purely conservation-based facility which prioritises the welfare of the turtles.

Tanya Streeter

The WSPA was visiting Cayman to pick up a report commissioned by the CTF following the charity's own findings about the problems at the attraction and to talk with management and the government about changing the facility from a farm to a real conservation facility.

Although that goal continues to find little support among officials in Cayman, WSPA and the CTF are now in discussions about the best ways to tackle the most urgent issues at the facility including the handling of turtles by the Farm’s visitors.