Thomas Peschak

Thomas P. Peschak is a marine biologist based at the University of Cape Town’s Marine Biology Research Institute, where he conducts scientific research on kelp forests, illegal fishing and the ecology of sea otters. He is an experienced field biologist and professional diver who has worked extensively in Africa, Central America, the Middle East and the South Pacific.

Thomas P. Peschak

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In addition he is also a award winning underwater photographer and author dedicated to telling stories and capturing images of Africa’s oceans and coastline and these days spends at least half his year in pursuit of elusive uniquely African marine subjects.

In 2004, Peschak was given the title of official marine photographer for the World Wide Fund for Nature - South Africa for whom he continuous to cover a diverse range of marine conservation issues. Thomas is a regular contributor to BBC Wildlife and Africa Geographic magazine and his images and words have also appeared in many international travel, natural history and dive publications as well as in over ten books.

His recent book, Currents of Contrast: Life in Southern Africa’s Two Oceans, was published in June 2005 by New Holland. It has received critical acclaim and favorable reviews.

Mark Carwardine of BBC Wildlife Magazine’s Book of the Month Club said, “How I wish I had written this book! It is a joy to read and the breadth and depth of coverage is very impressive…. the hundreds of spectacular colour photographs form one of the best image collections I’ve seen from the region.”

The editor of Getaway Magazine, David Bristow, wrote about the book, “It is the next great work on southern Africa’s oceans, with world-class photography both above and underwater. You’re going to have to get this one!!!”

Professor of Marine Biology, Dr. George M. Branch, of the University of Cape Town said, “Above and beyond the stunning photography, the book is filled with authoritative accounts of the key topics that capture the imagination: sharks, whales, kelp beds, sardines and coral splendour are all dealt with in satisfying detail but in an accessible style that makes the book a pleasure to read.”

Peschak is currently working on three new major projects. The first is a definitive natural history book on the shark fauna of southern Africa to be published in early 2007 by New Holland. He is also developing a guide to marine wildlife tourism and underwater photography in southern Africa for the same publisher. The guide is due out in 2007.

Thomas P. Peschak’s book Currents of Contrast: Life in Southern Africa’s Two Oceans can be ordered from or is available from most good bookshops. Limited edition posters of some of his images are also available from

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