DAN Extends Liability Coverage 90 Days to Help Professionals and Businesses

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DAN Extends Liability Coverage 90 Days to Help Professionals and Businesses

Wed, 06/05/2020 - 20:58
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For 40 years, DAN has helped dive professionals and businesses be better prepared to handle emergency situations. Consistent with this mission, and in light of the unprecedented conditions facing the dive industry, DAN Risk Retention Group (RRG) will extend the policy term by 90 days for current insureds under its professional, group professional and general liability insurance policies.


About DAN:

The world’s most recognized and respected dive safety organization, Divers Alert Network (DAN) has remained committed to the safety and well-being of divers for 40 years.

The organization’s research, medical services and global-response initiatives create an extensive network that supports divers with vital services including injury prevention, safety and educational programs, and lifesaving evacuations.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of divers around the world look to DAN as their dive safety organization.

Join the DAN community or learn more at DAN.org.

Funded 100% by DAN, this extension will apply to all policies in effect on May 1, 2020. For example, policies due to expire on May 31, 2020 will be extended by 90 days and will now expire on August 29, 2020. No action is required of the insured, and training agencies will be notified automatically.

Programs for New Customers

If you are not a current DAN RRG insured, our split-payment program allows a dive professional or business to purchase liability insurance by paying just 25% of the annual cost at the time of purchase. For businesses who purchase commercial general or group professional liability insurance, a third-party financing program is available (for those who qualify) that allows payment of the balance in 9 monthly installments. For individuals, the balance would be due after 90 days.

“DAN remains committed to doing everything possible to help our business and professional members succeed during these unprecedented times,” said DAN president and CEO Bill Ziefle. “We are confident that this program, which is fully subsidized by DAN, will offer substantive relief from the financial strain imposed upon dive businesses by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Maintaining Continuous Coverage Is Critical

Even in these difficult times it is important that dive professionals and businesses avoid lapses in liability insurance coverage. While policies vary, a lapse in coverage now could nullify the benefits provided by a policy that protects against claims from prior acts.

More Than Liability Insurance

When you purchase liability insurance from DAN Risk Retention Group, you’re backed by the knowledge, experience and leadership of an organization that has reinvested more than $100 million in dive safety.

Why Choose DAN?

  • Affordable annual premiums 
  • Innovative payment plans
  • Recognized by all major training agencies
  • Worldwide coverage backed by Lloyd’s of London 
  • Program proceeds reinvested in dive safety
  • Customized coverage endorsements available

Talk to a Liability Insurance Specialist

This year, choose DAN Risk Retention Group to be your liability insurance provider. For assistance with a new or existing policy, contact us at LiabilityInsurance@DAN.org or +1 (919) 684-2948, Option 6. You can also go to DAN.org/Liability to compare coverage, view premiums or get answers to frequently asked liability insurance questions.

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