A deep dive into the diving talks

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A deep dive into the diving talks

Thu, 08/04/2021 - 18:22
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Press Release

The objective of the DIVING talks organization is to ramp up a different type of event. A much more immersive experience with spaces and moments where the show happens: speakers and attendees network, and brands communicate.

The "Talks" won't be confined to the classic in-room format; speakers can present their talks in one of the different "stages" available.

Take a look at this video—a walkthrough of the DIVING talks to have an idea of the ambience.

For the brands wanting to gain visibility at the event, this is a unique opportunity to associate themselves with an event that has been called "the most important diving event in 2021".

The idea is to go way beyond the logo on the wall. Instead, this format offers experiences brands can appropriate and allowed to build up singular communication initiatives.

"Sell" this trip as a family trip

The weekend is being prepared to host both divers and non-divers. DIVING talks are aiming to be also a pretext for a fantastic family/ group weekend.

Attendees' partners, knowing more about the Troia Peninsula and what's expecting them, will want to come too.

The peninsula offers unique conditions in a singular environment for a fantastic weekend; there's much to do autonomously, but the organization has prepared side events especially for the attendees' trip partners.

Sailing the Sado, enjoying the Troia Peninsula sights from the river, visiting a Roman archaeological site or going on a tour that will show you several points of interest in this Alentejo region are just a few.

Of course, there's the beach right there, if you want to relax by the sea, there are trails to explore, and you can even relax by the pool. However, if you want something more, to go

further, visit the DIVING talks website, look for the "things to do", and tell the diver in your family to book the flights.

For non-divers, the option is to buy the Social Partner Ticket for 75 euros here https://www.divingtalks.com/tickets/. This ticket includes:

  • Welcome Lunch on Friday;
  • Lunch Saturday and Sunday;
  • All the side events; Sailing the Sado, Visits and Tours.

The DIVING talks 2021 will happen in October, close to the end of one more year with close to zero physical diving events.

On top of that, the speakers’ panel makes this a must be there event for everyone that loves diving.

An influential group of divers will discuss their work on different subjects such as cave diving, hyperbaric medicine, subaquatic archaeology, innovation and technology, and others.

Check out the Speakers here https://www.divingtalks.com/the-talks/ and the Event Schedule https://www.divingtalks.com/schedule/

Speakers list:

  • Ahmed Gabr (EGY)
  • Alexandre Monteiro (POR)
  • Andrew Marriott (USA)
  • Armando Ribeiro (POR)
  • Belen Andres (ESP)
  • Jeff Lindsay (CAN)
  • Jill Heinerth (CAN)
  • João Neves (POR)
  • José Pinto (POR)
  • Krzysztof Starnawski (POL)
  • Laurent Miroult (BEL)
  • Marcus Blatchford (ENG)
  • Marissa Eckert (USA)
  • Mark Powell (ENG)
  • Martyn Farr (WAL)
  • Natalie Gibb (USA)
  • Nuno Sa (POR)
  • Oscar Camacho (POR)
  • Paulo Costa (POR)
  • Phil Short (ENG)
  • Portuguese Navy Divers (POR)
  • Rob Neto (USA)
  • Rui Luis (POR)
  • Sabine Kerkau (SWI)
  • Sami Paakkarinen (FIN)


This list can be updated periodically.



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  • Paulo Costa
  • Cristina Rocha Antunes


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