The Fundamentals of Better Diving

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The Fundamentals of Better Diving

Press Release

20 years after initial publication of the Fundamentals of Better Diving, GUE releases an entirely new edition available in six languages


Global Underwater Explorers, a US 501(c)(3), began with a group of divers whose love of
underwater exploration grew naturally into a desire to protect those environments. In 1998, they
created a unique organization dedicated to high-quality diver education with the goal of
supporting aquatic research that advances conservation and safely expands exploration of the
underwater world.

One of the most influential texts in diving is entirely rewritten, detailing a new vision for scuba diving with a clearer picture of the theory and practices behind performance diving strategies that support safe, efficient, and fun scuba diving. The new edition is available in English, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese.

The newest revision of The Fundamentals of Better Diving charts a fresh course for those seeking to get the most out of their diving, demonstrating what is distinctive in both the theory as well as the practice of Global Underwater Explorers (GUE). This book is a treasure trove of useful information regarding skill enhancement, team orientation, and risk mitigation—invaluable for experienced technical divers as well as beginners.

While the first edition of this book defined and popularized the value of standard protocols, this edition provides a clearer prescription for divers seeking to adopt sound diving practices while augmenting their diving capacity and underwater readiness. Enhancing underwater competency reduces stress and results in a more joyful and expansive diving experience. Readers will find ten definitive chapters filled with everything from dive planning and underwater stability to refined propulsion and diving physiology.

The Fundamentals of Better Diving, available in six languages, can be purchased through for $24.95/€19.95, as well as directly from GUE, some Halcyon Dealers, and GUE Dive Centers.