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At the age of 67, Wolfgang Kulow sets spectacular diving record

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At the age of 67, Wolfgang Kulow sets spectacular diving record

Wed, 28/09/2016 - 15:53
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Extreme athlete Wolfgang Kulow dives across the Fehmarn Belt from Denmark to Germany with a Seabob.


Seabob. The world’s fastest water sled.

For extreme athlete Wolfgang Kulow, this unique water sled was the basis for establishing this world record. The Seabob is powered by future-oriented technology. With its electric E-Jet Power System and 6 performance gears, the Seabob F5 S was the perfect watercraft for this extraordinary attempt at a world record.

The Seabob makes it possible for divers to cross large spans from a base station, thus covering distances never-before achieved in a single dive. With this innovative water sled, divers can discover the fascinating underwater world in a unique new way. With a Seabob, it is possible to reach a diving depth of up to 40 meters (131 ft.).

Because of its excellent handling underwater, the Seabob is sparking enthusiasm in the diving world. Renowned divers, apnoea experts, and specialized media are impressed by the driving performance and the completely new experience of diving with the Seabob.

The Seabob was developed by the Stuttgart-based Cayago AG. This company specializes in technology for the development and production of exclusive and innovative water sport vehicles.

The Seabob is built carefully by hand at the company's own manufacturing facility in Bad Salzuflen, Germany. True to the brand philosophy - High Performance Technology - Made in Germany.

"Setting such a demanding world record begins with an idea. To realize it, you need a highly motivated team. I would like to thank everyone who supported me in this challenge", said the extreme athlete right after setting the world record on September 27, 2016.

At a diving depth of up to 10 meters, Wolfgang Kulow traversed the 20 km (12.5 mile) distance from the Danish island of Lolland to the German island Fehmarn in only four hours and nine minutes, setting the world record for the "fastest underwater crossing of the Fehmarn Belt".


Kulow was equipped with a scuba tank and a Seabob F5 S. The escort team took care of exchanging equipment during the dive without the extreme athlete having to leave the water.

Olaf Kuchenbecker from the RECORDS INSTITUTE of GERMANY (RID), who confirmed the world record on location was thrilled: "This kind of world record has never been attempted before: I congratulate Wolfgang Kulow and the whole Seabob team on their success."

"Achieving this kind of record depends on numerous external factors. The Baltic Sea with its ever-changing conditions, the low water temperature of about 15¬į C (60¬į F) and low visibility of under 5 meters (16 ft) created challenges", says Ronny Roskosch, diving expert at the Cayago AG.

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